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Hotel Concierge's job


noun. [kon-see-airzh]

Someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in a way you don't understand.

See also wizard, magician

In high standing hotels, the Hotel Concierge welcome and take care of the guest, prior, during and after his stay.

The etymology of the word "concierge" is not clearly identified. Spelled "CUNCERGE" in 1195 in old french language, it would have its origins in the latin word "CONSERVUS" which means "fellow servant". Historically speaking, the Concierge was an officer of the King of France's house and was provided with rights and prerogatives. He was the keeper of the house keys, hence with access to the most important rooms.

Nowadays, the Concierge's main task is to ensure a smooth stay for hotel guests and to comply with their requests. To do so he  or she is in a permanent relation with the various internal departments of the hotel (executive management, reception, housekeeping, restaurants, in-house technicians...) and external service providers (restaurants, car services, ticketing, travel agents, guides, shops, florists...).

Facilitator, discrete and with a good memory, the Concierge, by knowing his guest's habits and by anticipating their wishes is destined to be the referring person of every guest. The relevance of his advices is essential.

Standing alongside international travellers, the Concierge must also have an extensive general knowledge and to master at least a second language.

The Concierge use to work behind a desk called " la loge", most of the time situated at the hotel main entrance allowing easiest interactions with entering and outcoming guests.

the staff of a concierge department may vary from a hotel to another depending of its size and structure.

Most of the time it is made up of the following jobs:

  • Head Concierge

  • Assistant Head Concierge

  • Concierge

  • Assistant Concierge

  • Day/Night Concierge

  • Night Concierge

  • Bellboy

  • Valet patking

  • Porter

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