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Les Clefs d'Or



Accession modalities

Before being able to join Les Clefs d'Or Geneva association, the candidate must justify of at least four years of activity in a hotel concierge department, two of which at least as a hotel concierge or 3 years as a concierge.

Then a candidate being concierge for two years but having exercising for at least  two more years in a concierge department (bellboy, valet, porter...) is as well admissible as a candidate that would have  been a concierge for three years but without any previous  experience in an other concierge department's job.

Those minimum standards have to be met before the 30th of November of the current year.

Only then a request of accession should be made to the association Secretary by sending him the application form (available at the bottom of this page), duly completed in both paper and digital format at the latest on May the 31st of the current year.

Incomplete applications will be rejected by the Executive Committee.

If the application is complete, the Committee of Les Clefs d'Or Geneva will then conduct a preliminary interview in attendance of  the candidate, one of his sponsor member at least and two members of the Executive Committee.

This interview's objective is to evaluate the candidate's motivation to join the association and his professional performance.

If the Committee decide to proceed with the application, this one is then submitted to the members of the association during our meeting in June. Members' vote happens at our October meeting and only this one can approve membership.

At last, if the vote is in favour, the candidate is summon to our General Assembly, in December, where he will be welcomed in the association and will receive the "Junior Keys". He then become adhering member of Les Clefs d'Or Geneva.

After a year, during which the Committee follow the progress of the adhering member and if members are favourable to it, the adhering member became an "active member" and received his "Internationals Keys". He is then a full-member of the association with regard to rights and obligations.

Documents required for application

  • Curriculum vitae with picture

  • Actual employer certificate stating date effective date of hiring as concierge.

  • Previous employer certificate proving 4 years of experience in a concierge department, two of which at least as a concierge or 3 years as a concierge.

  • Personnal letter of motivation.

  • Letter of introduction from two active members of the association.

Application form

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